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You are going to want to listen to this one folks. For this week's student entrepreneurs in retail series, we have Hailey Rodgers! She is a driven and passionate commerce student promoting mental health and wrote a book about finding your most authentic self! Hear about Hailey's experiences as an entrepreneur, her mental health story and some of the challenges she faced while venturing out into the entrepreneurial space!


In today’s episode, 2020-2021 QRF People and Culture Director, Kristen, sits down with Kelli Jagger, the founder of Kelli Jagger Branding, Fashionably Kelli and The Girl Recovering. Kelli shares her journey as an entrepreneur from a young age, provides insight on the role of influencers in the Retail Industry, and gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.
In today’s episode, 2020-2021 QRF People and Culture Coordinator, Tiffany Morcom, is joined by Alexis Pascoal, who is the founder behind her Instagram page @livefitwithlex, to discuss healthy living and the retail industry as well as hear about her key takeaways from starting her own wellness initiative.


For today's COVID-19 discussion, we are joined by Julia Bourque and Sarah McCallum, the co-chairs of QRF  2020-2021. We discuss remote internships, adjusting to COVID-19, and the impacts of the reopening stages on the economy and retail industry.
In today's episode, 2020-2021 QRF brand director, Kelli Jagger, is joined by this year's marketing coordinators, Chloe O'Sullivan and Lauren Purkis, to discuss how COVID-19 has changed the retail space and what to expect moving forward.


This week’s forum post is the first episode of the QRF podcast where our 2019-2020 marketing coordinator, Kelli Jagger, discusses starting and running an e-commerce retail service. She shares her experiences as a student entrepreneur, what it is like to keep a balanced schedule, and the secrets she has for starting your own e-commerce business.


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