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QRF Interview Series: Aidan Tammaro

QRF has connected with multiple commerce students who interned in the retail industry and asked them about their experience. Next up in the series is Aidan Tammaro, a fourth-year commerce student who interned at Best Buy this summer. Keep reading to hear about his unique position and advice for recruiting!

Tell us about what you did this summer?

For the past two summers I have spent my time working at Best Buy Canada in the Ecommerce department. Throughout my time at the company, I worked on many different teams and worked on a variety of major projects in an agile working environment, which truly was an eye-opening and unique experience. From helping in the beginning stages of a multi-million dollar affiliate marketing program, to having control over the emerging watches and jewelry program, I got a 360 view of the company, and was able to solve real-world business problems and propose ideas and solutions. I was fascinated to learn about the data-driven culture at Best Buy, and, for the lack of a better word, how ‘crazy’ the retail industry is (we were planning for Christmas in April). Coming from a background of on-the-floor retail experience, it was fascinating to learn about all the goes on behind the scenes, and how eCommerce is an ever-changing landscape that is disrupting the retail industry. It was also so interesting to see how customer trends and preferences have such a large control over all of the decisions. I had an incredible experience at Best Buy, and was so thankful to have the autonomy that I had and all of the amazing learning opportunities I had throughout my experience.

What interested you about the retail industry?

When I entered the commerce program, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Throughout my experience with clubs such as the Queen’s Retail Forum, I began to see what amazing opportunities lied within the retail industry. I initially fell in love with how fast paced and dynamic the industry is. The retail industry is never slow - it is always in a time of transformation and innovation and there never really is a dull moment. In the Canadian retail space, for example, Ecommerce is only just starting to grow, so it is exciting to see how companies are adjusting their strategy to adapt to these changing times. This is what excited me about this industry. As well, another factor that really interested me about the industry was that there is so much room to move around, whether that be role or even location. The retail industry is ever-changing which allows you to tailor your career to to your strengths and what interests you the most. You may start off your career in Finance and end up being a merchant, the opportunities truly are endless. The retail industry is such an exciting industry, and I would highly urge anyone to look into having a career in it.

What’s your number one tip for people new to on-campus recruitment?

Be yourself. Almost every company who is hiring for corporate retail roles is looking for someone who will fit in with the culture of the company and has a passion for the products or services that they are offering to the customer. It is important that you apply to jobs that are of interest to you and that you have an interest in, rather than just applying to everything just because there is a posting. Make sure to interview the companies, just as much as they are interviewing you - it is important to ensure that you are going to like working at the company!


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